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The Book – English Edition

Multiple Choice Technical Test For Driving A Motorcycle
Bike Driver’s Proficiency Test

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Jispa to Leh in one day easy with one of our 477cc Himalayans in 2022

If you go in the middle of the day in the middle of rainy season – this is what you can experience in Spiti.

More Spiti crossing.

Extreme off-roading in Nepal

Meeting black ice at 4000m – late afternoon riding towards Jispa.

Why you want to wear a helmet (always!)

Accommodations + Food + RE Workshops


Hotel: If you must stay in Delhi because your flight schedule requires it the best hotel is The Cube Stay right next to the airport. Although one can see the runway from the hotel it is quiet in the night but a trip to the international terminal takes 20 minutes by taxi just because the airport is such a large area. Very nice family run business, clean large rooms with AC, good food (or if you want something they do not have they order from the many takeout places). WiFi, AC and hot shower of course.
If you booked a connecting flight to Dehradun you may have to stay a night in Delhi as the last flight leaves at 6pm (subject to change). Similar for the return whereby I always suggest to go by air and a day early. Taxis can take a lot longer than they tell you due to traffic and tire blowouts and whatnot and flights get cancelled, in order not to miss your return flight spend a day in Delhi.

Workshop: There are numerous workshops and even more shops selling you everything you need for a motorcycle at Karol Bagh Market. You can spend a full day easily just window shopping.


Hotel: In Rishikesh you can visit me in the Nishant Garden Resort in Tapovan. This is a 30-40 minutes ride from the airport in Dehradun, depending on traffic. If there is no space available try the nearby IX hostel that I can also warmly suggest.

Workshop: The next RE workshop that I consider reliable and useful is the official RE showroom. There are some other workshops that flash the “Royal Enfield” logo and name but my experience suggests at least here in Rishikesh it is better to stick to the Original. The only other repair shop I would suggest for Bullets but not for the newer models is run by a former chief mechanic of Ranjeet, the Brij Raj Bullet Centre, only 500m further down the road from Ranjeet.


Bread of Life for coffee and bread

ANU AUTOWORKS GARAGE  Vashisht, Manali – all things Royal Enfield

Hotels: La Vaca India  When it was still called “Valley View Hotel” it was for many years my favorite place. Great views and at 500INR/night affordable – and has a parking lot. However the owner changed and prices went up to 1500INR in season. The Hotel just before it on the same side of the road has rooms for 600INR and is just as nice.
Rumor has it if you spend some time searching you can find cheap rooms for 250INR higher up near the bath house.


Hotel and Restaurant: Padma Lodge   The website is a bit over the top but the place is nice, quiet and the rooms are big and clean and have unlimited hot water. Great place to stay two days to get acclimatized to the 3000m elevation. From here with an early start around 8am it is possible to reach Leh in one day with time to spare in Pang for Lunch. But make sure you filled up in the last fuel station back in Keylong, 22km before Jispa.


Hotel: Sarchu is the tent city right in the middle between Manali and Leh. If elevation is no concern staying the night there is fun and you will likely meet a bunch of similar minded souls on their bikes as well. Here I suggest you look for the Mulkila Camp Site – it is a bit into the rear from the road and quite in the night (trucks run the road all night). It should be 1000INR per night and the guy running it is a very helpful and resourceful fellow. You get enough blankets, hot water on request and simple but good food (included).

Workshop: There is no workshop in Sarchu that I know of but I am sure the tent operators will have some tools for emergencies. The next official RE workshop, just a small emergency outfit, is in Pang. 80 km down the road. But these 80km are also the hardest to ride.


Hotel: I always stay in the Goba Guest House since many years. Although their new house is a bit pricey with 2000INR I could always negotiate this down to 600INR either by staying in the old (but very nice) building where the family also lives – or, if there is no room, they give me a space for the same money in the new building. I usually stay 2-4 weeks which helps with negotiations. Very helpful people, fast internet connection on every floor and food can be ordered to fit your taste (within the capabilities of the cook). Also solar shower, hot water takes a bit to reach if you are on the ground floor – but then it last very long. Big enclosed parking lot. 15 minute walk to “downtown” Leh.

Workshop: Tashi’s Garage. There is also an official RE showroom but Tashi is the better (and always cheaper) option for anything Royal Enfield. His jugaad is legendary. He also knows everyone and everything because he is in the business longer than the over ten years I have been traveling to Leh. Much longer.







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