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Track Your Shipment

Please track your shipment here:

EMS and India Post tracking

We have sent you a picture of your parcel the day we shipped with an EMS or India Post sticker on it. The number on this sticker is the tracking number.

Please note that we do not know how long a shipment will realistically take. We can make guesses but we also know that they can be off by 100% and more. This is not so much the fault of the postal service (or EMS) but how the airlines decide to take the stuff on board as cargo. Sometimes a parcel is stuck at Delhi airport for a few weeks before it gets a lift.

After it has left India you can also track it on your national postal tracking site.

Could we not use Fedex or UPS who have their own fleet of cargo aircraft? Yes, we could but because we have relatively few shipments we are not eligible for their volume schemes and sending individual items thru them is forbiddingly expensive.

However the good news is: since we started our operation not a single item was ever lost – although we received a very few returns because the customer had not collected their items from customs. So this is something you have to be aware of.

In the meantime should any problem arise we are here to help. Just contact us.

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