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FAQ: Himalayan Performance Camshaft

This FAQ last updated: 10.01.2023

Q: Is there any kind of run-in needed for the camshaft?
A: No – Just mount it and you can drive normally.

Q: Do I get the maximum additional power from the camshaft alone?
A: No – at least that is not the way we advertise it. Our Dyno tests where done with FuelX (or Pro), an open exhaust (Delkevic or other) and a more open air filter (K&N or other). The cam has a higher lift and a longer duration, both allow for better filling of the cylinder BUT the fuel to do this must be provided by the ECU – with the help of the FuelX device, and the air by means of a better flow. If you have a carburetor bike you do not need to change anything on the fuel side, the CV carb adjusts automatically.

Q: Since I have the HT-b camshaft the valve noise is louder – should I be concerned?
A: No – that is normal and to be expected.

Q: I run a 477 – Is the power gain by adding a HT-b camshaft the same as in a camshaft-only configuration?
A: No – According to our Dyno runs the power gain is less. This has to do with fluid dynamics that are different in the 411 and the 477. It is still worth doing with about 3 RWHP gain.

Q: Is the camshaft or a modified head, polished inlets and bigger throttle body the most effective tuning choice?
A: According to our tests (and we did it all) the camshaft is by far the best choice for added power. The big bore kit will give you more net power but is more costly and requires more work to install. Both together are the ultimate tuning for this bike, all other enhancements only add marginally more power and at steeply increasing costs.

Q: Do you have any estimates how long it takes for a mechanic to change the camshaft ?
A: Our mechanic can do it in under 30 minutes but he has done it often. I would calculate 1.5-2 hours.

Q: Your camshaft does not have a de-compressor. Does this pose a problem with starting the bike?
A: Normally it does not. However it can be necessary to do repeat attempts if the piston is in a near-TDC position. The de-compressor is not always a blessing. We had cases where it failed and then the bike will not run at all.

Q: I read on the TEC website that some competing camshafts lack necessary oil channels – are they referring to your cam?
A: No – and in fact should ANY camshaft lack those the engine would not be happy for any length of time so it is doubtful that this is indeed a truthful observation.

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