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The Driving Test – English

In some questions only one choice is correct, in others there are multiple correct choices and all need to be marked.
Sometime you will see “all of the above” – if from the previous choices all where correct together – then only this option is the correct answer. But it may also be a trick, so think before you select.


Riding Proficiency English

For participants in my driving lessons or owners of "the book" on driving motorcycles in India

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Category: Riding skills

You want to buy some groceries around the corner and forgot to bring your helmet - what do you do?

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Category: Riding skills

A cold winter morning and you want to start a carburetor bike, what do you do

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Category: Riding skills

You have a feeling braking your vehicle needs noticeably more hand grip (front) or foot down push (rear) - what do you do?

Oil Pressure

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Category: Maintenance

Engine oil should best not be under the minimum level but overfilling is harmless. Is this assertion false or true?

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Category: Riding skills

You are out to buy a bike, what are the most important facts to look at?

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Category: Riding skills

During the rainy season in a flash flood type of shower it is the best to seek shelter and wait it out, because of which factors at play?

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Category: Riding skills

It is always very cold in the high mountains so having a thick layer of cloth on at all times is a good idea. is this statement true or false?

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Category: Riding skills

You have miscalculated a long trip and are forced to ride the end part in darkness. Under these circumstances what is the best strategy to get home safely?

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Category: Maintenance

Riding a bike with a carburetor above 2000m elevation it is a good idea to:

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Category: Riding skills

The pillion should hold on to the hand rails next to or behind him and not to the driver - true or false?

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Category: Maintenance

If your bike stops and can not be re-started. where do you look (using tools on board)

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Category: Riding skills

In India riding at night (or during fog) is:

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Category: Legal

To drive in India as a tourist I need a driver's license of the home country, an IDP (international drivers permit) issued in my country (not a fake one from the Internet) and a valid passport with a valid visa. If any one of these elements is missing at the time of an accident what are the consequences (name all).

While it is optional which oil to use in a low powered engine any tuned engine will greatly benefit from the use of synthetic oil. In India the oil quality should not be left to the mechanic but he should be told which oil to use (and also to change the filter with it!). He will not recognize if your engine was tuned.

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Category: Maintenance

Does the type of engine oil play any role or can I just use the cheapest?

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Category: Maintenance

I accelerate uphill from low rpm and the engine makes a knocking ringing noise - what do I do

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Category: Riding skills

While riding through a curve a deep hole appears in the middle of the road in your path - how do you react

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Category: Riding skills

A solid and wide crash guard and to some extend a pair of solid panniers have among other things this function:

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Category: Maintenance

While driving the bike feels funny, unstable and the steering is imprecise - what could be the reason?

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Category: Basic Engineering

Engine oil has the following functions

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Category: Basic Engineering

You decide to purchase a bike that offers aluminum cast wheels as an option. Is that a good choice?

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Category: Riding skills

You are rushing down a relatively steep incline in the mountains into a curve that you can not overlook on a wide main road - where and how do you drive?

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Category: Legal

I am a tourist in India - can I legally own a bike?

Western tires are optimized for grip, not longevity. Their rubber mix is the result of extensive research which makes them expensive. Indian tires are cheap and optimized for long life but not for grip.

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Category: Maintenance

Why are Indian made tires less than optimal when compared to their western cousins?

If you can't answer that buy a bicycle

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Category: Basic Engineering

The for strokes of a four stroke engine are describing what function of the engine?

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