Himalayan Tire Hugger

A tire hugger for the Himalayan is a must if you want to get rid of the number plate to replace it with a sticker to the mud guard.

We are experimenting with various designs. Once we settled on a solid one with good looks we will let everyone know here.

This design was unsuccessful, 
it broke off after only 100km 
of heavy off-roading

This unfinished prototype got a sleeve 
around the swing arm and has reduced 
weight by 60%, results pending ...
This version just uses a clamp on the swing 
arm with 2 support points each side.
So far its our favorite and the parts are just 
now out for powder coating.

Whatever design will be the final one, powder coated the price will be in the ballpark of 100.- US$ plus shipping.

If you want to do us a big favor participate in the survey, it really helps us gauge interest. (Please do not vote more than once!)

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