Himalayan Tire Hugger

A tire hugger for the Himalayan is a must if you want to get rid of the number plate to replace it with a sticker to the mud guard. Or it may just be a good idea, even with the number plate, if you ride a lot in muddy terrain.


This type got a sleeve 
around the swing arm.

We have this one prototype for sale, 
it has been powder coated mate black
it is unique in that it only uses one side
(left) to stabilize the hugger.
Price is 50.- U$ plus shipping.
Please contact us if you are interested.
This version just uses a clamp on the swing 
arm with 2 support points each side.
We have this one prototype for sale, 
The clamps have been powder coated mate black.

The ultimate tire hugger

Price is 98.- US$ plus 25.- US$ shipping. We will add 1 free set of brake pads to offset the shipping costs.

How to order and pay

Questions, ideas, any kind of input? Please contact us.

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