The Travel Pack

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We have put a few things together that the ardent traveler will need or at least find helpful at a great price:

  1. A pair of grip cushions  – comforting the hands against hard long enduring vibrations
  2. Two pairs of front brake pads (sintered, for better grip)
  3. One pair of rear brake pads (RE OEM)
  4. One clutch cable
  5. One accelerator cable
  6. One air filter (RE OEM)
  7. Two oil filters (RE OEM)
  8. One set of fuses
  9. Analog Tire pressure gauge (PSI)
  10. Set of Tire Tube Puncture Repair Cold Patches
  11. Tube valve extraction tool
  12. Two spare tube valves
  13. Two Aluminum Air Valve Caps
  14. Two “Royal Enfield” Key Ring + Leather Patches
  15. One Bosch H4 Headlight Bulb 100/90W, 12V

66.66€ plus 15.-€ EMS express shipping


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