The Tool Box

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We have made a tool box from a 5 liter Jerry can.

In many parts of the world refueling is possible within the 500 km range the Himalayan’s native 14.5 liter tank plus ONE Jerry can with additional 5 liters can provide. In India that would be the Manli – Leh stretch, the favorite Ladakh route for many.
What to do with the second Jerry can? One could leave it empty or just carry fuel for excursions or fellow travelers who otherwise would have to use those pesky plastic thingies.

As an additional option we have now made a tool box from an original 5 liter can by cutting it open at one side (the one that will be placed towards the bike) with a simple but effective slide-open mechanism.

When mounted the toolbox can be secure in the same way as the Jerry can with a padlock.

These boxes are hand-made individually then sand blasted and powder coated. Allow 10 work days for the task please.

Because we have to weld the sliding the can needs a new coat of paint and because on the inside only sandblasting makes sure the surface is clean before applying paint we decided to give it a powder coating.

That makes it a bit pricey but it looks good and is of top most quality, a lot better than the original Chinese paint.

Available in MATE BLACK for 98.- EURO plus 35.- EURO express mail shipping.

How to order and pay

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