The Heavy Duty Leg Guard

From a Bullet leg guard we prototyped a very solid guard for the Himalayan. This adaptation was done previously but in a very shoddy way by just cutting off the lower connection and re-welding it in a different position. That lead to breaking of said connectors, often under the worst of circumstances in ungainly terrain. Our aim with this new design was to make the lower connector “military grade” solid and we think we have succeeded. The final product which may be available from November, will be made of stainless steel (if possible) and have two additional “ears” on top for fog lights. We have not yet decided if we want 2 ribs (lighter and possible lights between ribs) or three, (more solid and looking better IMO).

Enjoy the video:

Two or Three Ribs? Live

  • Two Ribs
    40% 9 / 22
  • Three Ribs
    59% 13 / 22