Technical Manuals & Parts Lists

We found a way around this idiotic Royal Enfield legal threat, there is an official dealer in England who supposedly is allowed to publish the part list on his site because he is also selling them. So if you are looking for part numbers that is a good place to go for it!

This WAS a collection of sources we found on the internet.

Unfortunately in an act of unprecedented customer friendly decision we know and love this company for they made it illegal to continue to share their “creative work” with their customers.

I am instead inviting you to read the legalese they threw at me (and you!) which amounts to the sentence:

We do not want you to repair you bike yourself – we want all the money ourselves so go and see our licensed shops – wherever you may live on this planet

If you like legalese read it for yourself and have a laugh. The responsible genius at RE who initiated this deserves a promotion. I am sure he motivated a few people who where on the fence which brand to favor away from RE and towards Java or Honda or any of the many other brands none of which ever made it illegal to collect and use their repair manuals. As for BMW you can actually purchase them in the form of a high quality binder with all the part numbers and instructions. Something for RE to learn from I guess.