Small and Medium Windscreen

We have made brackets for the Royal Enfield windscreen that officially are only available for the 650cc. They look very good on the Himalayan.

The screens are available in 2 sizes , small and medium – at the same price. The new laser-cut brackets look different than those in the pictures. Please watch the short video to check if you like the looks. Color: mate black.

The small windscreen:

The bigger “medium size” windscreen:

Brackets laser-cut from 1.5mm stainless steel

The set includes:

  • Our custom made brackets (mate black) for mounting on the Himalayan
  • The windshield
  • The metal plate with “Royal Enfield” writing
  • Bolts, nuts, etc.

New: Order a second windshield (only the shield), no matter what size (e.g. one small, one medium or two small or two medium) for only 25,-€ extra.
Ideal as a replacement or if you can’t decide which size you like better. Shipping remains the same.

    small shield 79,- € + 40.- € shipping
    medium size shield 79,- € + 40.- € shipping
    second small shield 25,- €
    second medium size shield 25,- €