Shipping Information

Important: Please add your mobile number in Paypal !

We normally ship with EMS express. In some cases EMS is much more expensive than the postal parcel service in which case we offer both. The difference is not in reliability but in time. Postal service sometimes (but not always) takes longer. Both are trackable. We have figured out the shipping average for most of our products and add them directly to the product price to make ordering more transparent and easy.

If you order more than one item however we will reduce the shipping charges to the amount we have to pay at the post office and refund you the overpaid difference via PayPal.

If you ordered multiple items your parcel will have a receipt sticking to it, most often next to the EMS speed post label with the tracking number. It will show the actual price of the shipping in INR and a number that is derived from the weight and the size of the parcel which they label WT which is easily mistaken for weight – which it is NOT.


Refunding overpaid shipping in case of multiple orders that are shipped in one package.

We have looked at many different shopping cart solutions and all had flaws and drawbacks. Their advantages do not outweigh those for a small business like ours.
In particular we have not found a single one that was able to calculate shipping costs correctly for multiple items in one package, not to mention varying packet dimensions and weights sent to various countries. This task, easy once you have the package at hand and are inside the post office, is impossible to even guess for a computer program. Just too many variables.
So we settled for the fair solution to refund whatever was overcharged by simply adding up all the shipping of all the items you ordered and subtracting the real postage. The difference will be refunded to you via Paypal.