What We Do & FAQ

What We Do & FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Q: Why is the ordering process so primitive, with an order page and not a shopping cart?
A: Two reasons: 1.) This site is made by me, I am not an IT expert for websites and I have other priorities than becoming one. It serves its purpose.
2.) A shopping cart is potentially vulnerable to sql injections and other hacks. A simple order-form will only email your information to me which I then store LOCALLY on my computer – away from possible hacking attempts. The payment thru Paypal or Moneywise puts the responsibility for the security of your data squarely into the hands of multi-million $$ companies who’s business it is to keep it safe. Much better than trusting my poor coding abilities with it.
Q: Why the “no return” policy? Don’t you think this will impact your sales?
A: Quite possibly it will. However, I am not eBay or amazon. Returning stuff from overseas takes a lot of time, I have to check it before I can re-stock the item and if the item was made-to-order return is impossible by nature of the item. If I put my stuff up on those platforms I had to add 10% overhead which you would have to pay and if I submit to eBay’s “do not charge postage” policy it would even be more as eBay does not recognize my mail service (India Post) and I would be forced to use DHL or Fedex (much more expensive).
Q: How can I know you are for real?
A: Purchasing anything online and especially from India always requires a certain amount of trust. I am active on various forums (e.g. advrider) and publish my exploits and experiences so people at least know I am a real person and not some scammer hiding behind a fake online identity. If I ever scammed someone I am sure word would get out quite fast!


Never been to India? Or an old hand at riding here?

With almost 40 years of traveling India there are few issues we have not encountered and few problems we can not solve for you.

While renting out Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycles is our main business we also offer organized motorcycle trips including a guide but no support vehicle. Groups can not be bigger than 6 people plus the guide.
That allows us to be flexible while riding and does not force us to be at a specific location at a specific time like it is with bigger groups that rely on reserved accommodation and a fixed route.
If you plan to have such a small expedition please contact us well in advance so we can make sure the vehicles are in top shape upon your arrival.

However, we mainly specialize in solo riders, support them with tips where to go and where to stay and if anything goes wrong we are there to assists.

If you arrive in Delhi we can arrange to drop your bike ready-to-go at your hotel or if you are up to it, right at the arrival gate of the intl. terminal.
You can also leave the bike there for us to pick up later when you depart.
Any other destination in northern India is also possible, subject to prior arrangement.

Parts Design and Production

All of the tools and add-ons we offer have been designed and produced either by us or under our supervision. If you have an idea or a ready design for a Himalayan add-on we can most likely make it for you. Please contact us.

Powder Coating

As of February 2020 we offer our own powder coating and sand blasting services in Rishikesh. Quality control and job execution will be 100% in our own hands. This should rise the bar to highest standards and eliminate undue delays that we have unfortunately experienced in the past.