Return Policy and Serviceable Parts List

Sorry, no returns

The holder is made of 1.5mm steel and a double layer of powder coating is applied. It is not indestructable, e.g. if you try to lift the bike from the ground and trying to do it by pulling on the jerry-can you will deform the holder as it is not made for such load. But normal use including crashes from low speeds should not result in any damage, with or without jerry-can attached (yes, we have tried it all, including the lifting!!)
The only exception of no-return policy is if the package arrives visibly smashed or otherwise corrupted by handling during the shipping process by IndiaPost. We will require photo evidence (take a shot with your mobile and whatsapp it to us). We also need you to return the broken package to us or even better reject the delivery and tell the delivery man to return it to us. We will then either refund you or ship a new item.

Missig items

Should anything from the list of items included in the package:

2 Holders
6 Screws
4 Rubber bands
2 Theft protection devices (S-shaped items)

be missing upon reception we will mail it to you asap or, if you can source it locally, re-imburse your expenses.

Broken / missing items

Should you lose a screw that is easiest sourced in any hardware or automotive parts store. The rubber bands are original Royal Enfield parts (they hold the battery for the Bullet models) and available in any RE shop, but we would also ship a replacement to you if you can not find it locally.
The holder will likely never break but should one be damaged or go missing we will replace single holders for half of the set price, including the rubbers and screws. We will not sell single holders to customers who have not previously purchased a set.