Project 450cc

When Hitchcock came out with their 462cc “Big Bore Kit” that needed the Powertronic on top for a bit more torque and HP I though it outrageous to ask the purchasing price for a good used Himalayan here in India, namely approx. 1200 Euros, for this enhancement.

Now, Mr. H & Co certainly have a reputation, both for quality and exorbitant prices. If you are rich and do not care about money, then they are probably a good choice.

Then I came across a lone motorcycle aficionado from Italy who runs a tiny operation selling stuff – not unlike me. After crossing the roughness of the language barrier we agreed to cooperate. While he profits from my supply of original RE cylinders I get his Italian made pistons with rings and all for his production price, which is still quite high because each one is made to order individually.
I do trust in Indian boring and sleeving work, this has been done for decades and in the millions. Its proven quality by now. Add to that a high standard Italian piston and you get 450cc not for free but considerably less pricey compared to the British apothecary. A guestimate would be under 400 Euros all told.

[No need for the Powertronic either say the Italians.] While this is true there was some miscommunication regarding the need for mixture regulation. A fuel control unit that is manually operated comes with the 450cc set, it is much simpler than the Powertronic and only costs 50 Euros. One regulates fuel flow manually. I would still opt for the Powertronic though as this in itself has a positive effect on torque and hp.

For testing in India we are using a BS3 carb model. We will report if any re-jetting is need and if so will supply the jets with the package.

We are just now (Dec. 2019) starting this project and as we speak one of my Himalayans its fitted with this enhancement and will be put thru the paces.

The Italians, who already have a few EFI bikes running with 450cc, report flawless operation with quite tangible improvement of the torque at low RPM, just what the doctor ordered for this slightly under-powered bike.

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Expect sales to start not before March 2020 and quite possibly later, after we studied it sufficiently. The package will of course consist of everything you need to make the swap from 410cc to 450cc.

NEWS: we now also use the piston from Hitchcock. It arrived after only 7 days in the mail from the UK whereas the Italians take their sweet time and haven’t even given us a confirmed ETA yet. So it looks like the first conversion will be a carburated 462 engine.

Because the 450cc and 462cc conversions may take different routes during testing we have made a special page for the 462cc project.

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