Project 450cc FAQ

We are happy that quite a few people took an interest in our 450cc project.

Questions that showed up repeatedly or that we consider relevant (or both) are answered here:

Q: Will the 450 big bore kit work with BS4? Since it is fuel injected, would I need to buy a Powertronic as well?
A: The Italians have used this kit exclusively on EFI versions. They offer a simple manual fuel flow device for 60 Euros that functions like a manual Powertronic. But the Powertronic itself should enhance the output even without the added displacement so I guess it won’t be a bad idea to get one as well.

We ourselves have not used it because we only use carburated bikes in our fleet.

Q: The Italian guy who is developing with you , is he the same who traveled from Spain to Italy testing it?
A: Yes.

Q: I have a BS3, do I need to change the carburetor configuration or the carb itself?
A: The standard issue carb of the Himalayan is identical to the one on the 500cc Bullet. So the upgrading to 450cc no issue as such. The unmodified carb performed very well with the 462cc piston so we do not expect the need for changes with the 450cc.

Q: Will the 450cc bike use more fuel than the 410cc?
A: The 462cc surprisingly used 20% less fuel than the 410cc it was made from. However that engine had 30.000km on the odometer and was fully overhauled along with the upgrade which may have played a part in that.
Subsequent measurements after acceleration and high speed tests showed a higher fuel consumption, even more than the 410cc version had.

Q: Will you publish measurements, charts etc. on your setup?
A: We are currently searching for a facility near us that would allow us such measurements at reasonable costs. When and if we find one we will certainly make the results public. If we receive data from Italy and permission is given we will also make that public. Our approaches are almost identical. The only difference so far is that we do the boring and honing in India while the Italians use their own facility.

Q: So the Italian piston is the expensive part. Why not manufacture one in India?
A: We have considered it. But making them one-by-one is almost as expensive in India as it is in Italy. Well, its still half price but there would be considerable development costs too and finally Italian quality in the motorsport sector has a well deserved reputation, India not so much. Boring and honing on the other hand is comparatively easy and is done in India on a daily basis.

With further questions, ideas, or any kind of input please contact us.

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