Package Deal All-In-One

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Some customers complained about no availability of jerry cans in the market and sometimes no selection of colors (only army green).

For this order we only accept bank transfer or PayTM payments, NO COD,  and NO RETURNS.

The price for this exclusive offer then comes to:

2 Holders plus add-ons                  3,800 INR
2 cans                                                      3,600 INR
Postage + Packing                                     0 INR
.                                                                   7,400 INR

Shipping to anywhere outside India will be US$ 50.-, the cans are US$ 25.- each and the holders plus add-ons are 60.- US$  – 2 free packs of brake pads will be included as well. US$ 160.- in total.

Please contact us if you are interested in this special deal.