Package Deal All-In-One With Extra Coated Cans

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One set is in stock for immediate delivery

We do not offer the stock Chinese cans that are available from Amazon and various other vendors. We sell only our enhanced and coated versions.

After using the China made Jerry cans for one season we found rust inside.

The quality of the paint job is cheap. This does not come as a surprise as those cans are sold for under 5 US$ in bulk so the savings have to come from somewhere. Because otherwise the overall quality is good and stainless steel is not available we decided to make them better.

Inside a factory new can (with a very thin layer of paint) we will add  several layers of a special red lead primer for fuel tanks which will make it resistant to long term fuel influence.
On the outside the cans will be powder coated mate black. That looks really cool.

This treatment adds considerably to the production cost. Each one is done individually and that takes a lot of time. This is something you could easily do yourself in a little less quality maybe with a spray can and some lose primer (smallest bottle with a little thinner) and patience. But if you do not want this extra effort and a powder coated surface then just order them from us.

These are available only in black color. We strive to have one set in stock at all times but if you are unlucky it can take up to 2 weeks to get a new set done if the stock was just sold.

The set price is:

2 Holders plus add-ons                  3,800 INR
2 cans                                                      3,400 INR
Inside & outside coating                3,500 INR
Postage + Packing                                700 INR
.                                                                  11,400 INR

Shipping to anywhere outside India will be 50.- EURO, the coated cans are 60.- EURO each and the holders plus add-ons are 60.- EURO – 2 free packs of brake pads will be included as well. This comes to 230.- EURO in total.

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