Steel Jerry Can Holder/Bracket for Royal Enfield Himalayan

Each bracket is individually CNC laser cut from 1.5mm steel and then powder coated.

History: why we choose this type of can over plastic

Pictures of bikes with those cans attached

Instructions for attaching the bracket to the bike

Take a tool box in place of one of the cans

Package Deal All-In-One With Extra Coated Cans

Buy a set of holders primed for only 2,490 INR

  • A Holder Set contains: 1 left & 1 right bracket, 2 anti-theft crotchets, 4 rubber strips, 6 screws, 2 stickers, some rubber adhesive tape
  • Price inside India: 3800 INR including shipping
  • The set for intl. customers contains additionally: 1 FREE set front & rear brake pads for the Himalayan
  • Price for intl. customers EURO-Zone: 60EU + 20EU shipping (the brake pads represent a 40.-EU value)
  • Price for intl. customers everywhere else: 60US$ + 30 US$ shipping (the brake pads represent a 40.-US$ value)

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