Maximum Modding

This runs under “Projects” because each one is its own project and we do not “sell” this service for a fixed price, instead you tell us what you want, we discuss what is possible and how much it will costs, then we agree on a price and time frame.

We have enhanced a few Himalayans that are definitely a piece of art.
People will stop and look at it!

These bikes are not only looking fantastic, most modifications have very deep rooted technical reasons to overcome weaknesses in the original factory design.

  • The frame has two spots that are known to be prone to breaking, we reinforced them.
  • The front brake, now unbeatable in function and responsiveness – adapted from the 650cc Interceptor model
  • The seat, originally on the tough side, now good for many hours riding
  • LED light and turn signals
  • USB/12V/Voltmeter integrated
  • High and wide touring handlebar
  • The fuel now lasts from Manali to Leh with a 21 litre tank
  • Ultimately we even overcame the biggest weakness, the engine, now has definitely more power, with the 477cc Ducati made piston.
  • … and many more enhancements (see the picture with labels)

If you like our work and want your bike to be modded by us, let us know please