Maximum Modding

We have enhanced a few Himalayans that are definitely a piece of art everybody will stop and look at.

The first of the “Many Countries Edition” is the German inspired design (by our German CEO), the second one the – you guessed it – the India design. We are not sure which one to do next, maybe Russia. White-blue-red looks good, same as the French except that flag has the colors vertical which looks funny on a tank.

However these bikes are not only looking fantastic, most modifications have very deep rooted reasons to overcome weaknesses of the original factory design.

  • Take the frame for example, two spots are known to be prone to breaking, we reinforced them.
  • Or the front brake, now unbeatable in its function and responsiveness.
  • The seat, originally on the tough side, now good for many hours riding
  • The lights are of a much brighter LED type
  • The tank now last the entire distance from Manali to Leh with 19.2 or 21 litre respectively
  • Ultimately we even overcame the biggest weakness, the engine now has definitely more power, with a 450cc engine (Ducati designed piston) or our own 477cc upgrade with an Indian made piston.
  • … and many more enhancements (see the picture with labels)

If you like our work and want your bike to be modded by us, let us know please