Long Distance Seat

On my recent trip to Rajasthan I came across a extremely comfy seat on one of my friends Himalayans. I rode it over 5 hours without any feeling of discomfort with only 2 short breaks for fuel. I was extremely surprised about the amount of difference it made.

The seat fits without any modifications to the bike, it is a 30 second replacement.

    black: 196,- € + 49.- € shipping with Postal Service

  black+gray:  196,- € + 49.- € shipping with Postal Service

  add. color mod:  50.- €

We can now offer a special color scheme where 2 parts are gray, at no extra costs. We also offer individual color schemes for the seat covers as per customer design for an additional 50.- €. See the color modifications that are possible (i.e. the individual parts of the cover that can be color modified):