Laying Low – The Extended Droplink

Extended droplinks after welding - before paint is applied
Extended droplinks after welding – before paint is applied

We have studied the German made Matisse droplink which is made from Aluminum and weights only 223g. It is a piece of art to be marveled at. But it is also expensive. It allows the sitting position to be lowered by 4 cm.

Our droplink is made from the original  Royal Enfield OEM part, it weights 385g and is not nearly as beautiful but much more affordable. It also allows the position to be lowered by the same 4 cm. Considering where it gets mounted (under the bike at the lowest position) nobody will ever see it and beauty is kind of a moot point.

Both are made like a truck, super sturdy and if you do not fight for the last bit of weight ours seems the more affordable option. It also puts the extra weight where it is most useful, at the lowest possible point of the bike thereby keeping the center of gravity low.

Be advised that with any extended droplink, no matter the maker, the behavior of your bike will change. You will touch the ground earlier when leaning into curves and going through holes in the road the suspension will max out earlier too. In normal riding conditions, especially solo, that is no big deal but if you travel with pillion and/or lots of luggage the effect is quite pronounced.

Droplinks see from back (under-) side of the swingarm
Droplinks see from back (under-) side of the swingarm

To level the lowering of the rear part you can also lower the fork by 2cm, just losen the 4 screws on both sides and push the fork up.

Here you can watch us making the extension:

The price for a pair is 99.- EURO plus 24.- EURO intl. express shipping.
We keep limited stock so you may have to wait a few days for us to make a pair for you.

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