Keeping The Balance – Project Extendable Side Stand

Currently unavailable due to delivery problems with China

Most Himalayans run into problems with either upwards or downwards tilted ground. Even ground can lead to very straight up parking positions as well.
Over the years the side stand will tend to lean too much to the left. This usually is fixed with a hammer to get it back into position but that could damage the material.

We also all know a situation like this, where it would be just so nice to only have  to push a button – and the stand magically adjusts to the changing surface level:

As solution we have developed an electrical actuator. Its core is originally designed to lift medical OP tables and such. It is supposed to hold 140KG in extended position, made from durable aluminum and adds up to 15 cm to the length. We shorten the stand by 3 cm from the get go thereby covering a “too steep to the right” position and any left leaning will be alleviated by the extender.

Operation is simple with an up/down toggle on the handle bar.

In case of failure in the contracted position one has a slightly shorter side stand than OEM, nothing to worry about too much. We designed a bigger “foot” coming with it.

Delivery time is approx. 2 month from date of order as the parts from China need 4-6 weeks to reach us. The price for the set is 249.- € plus 28.- € intl. express shipping.

Set includes:

  • Actuator
  • Adapter kit for Himalayan
  • Foot as shown in video
  • Up/down Switch as shown in the video (or similar)
  • Adapter for switch to be fixed to handlebar as seen in the video
  • Electrical wiring diagram
  • Contact shoes / Cables