Jerry Can Holder Mount Instructions

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You need a size 10 spanner.
Hook the lower end to the frame like here:


Then tilt the bracket upright and push it under the “ROYAL ENFIELD” sign until the 4 holes line up with the 4 screw nuts that are factory-welded to the frame (see here:)




Now take 2 of the screws we provided and afix them from below in the first and the last hole (only 2 are needed) with a no. 10 spanner. If you also want the locking device (the S-shaped metal hinge we provide) – that goes in the second hole seen from the front, the long arm up, the short arm fixed to the frame in the second hole.



Put the can in the holder front forward and afix the two rubbers provided. These rubbers are genuine Royal Enfield parts and replacements are easily available at most showrooms. They are meant to hold the battery of the 350 and 500 Bullet.



If you like you can secure the can with a padlock by means of the s-shaped part that will screw into the second hole of the frame (counted from the front). There is a hole in the cap of the jerry can that fits a small padlock. You will have to remove the bolt that secures the cap when the Jerrycan is first delivered to you and press the cap down further until it fully locks.



We also provide a video that shows the entire process with audio in Hindi:

and one with audio in English:

To avoid vibrational noise at certain engine rpm due to resonance the holders should be fitted with rubber foam, thick tape or leather laces in some parts. Additionally it may be advisable to add some extra foam or DUCT tape or electric tape around the sideframe of the bike where the hook attaches (on the low end of the holder) for increased damping.

The places we found most useful for applying such dampening material are shown here:

I have made a TEMPLATE for cutting the patches from a piece of (synthetic) leather. If you are lucky enough to have access to a printer that can do A3 you can print the entire size on one page and overlay the piece of leather with it to cut the stripes. That is the easiest way.
If you only have a A4 printer you can still do it but have to adjust a bit for the last piece which will not fit on the A4 page.

template leather cutouts A3

template leather cutouts A4

This is a JPG version. If you print this make sure your printer is not “adjusting” the size. Always check the measurement on the printout with a ruler before you cut anything!

This is what it looks like:

If you are using the S-shaped theft protection – that may rattle a bit by itself, you will have to look where it touches the frame and glue a small piece of leather there too.

If you have further questions please contact us.