Jerry Can Holder History

We tried the ubiquitous red plastic 5l Jerry cans and found them wanting. They leak, even when only partly filled which leaves the smell of gasoline hanging in the air at all times. They become brittle after being exposed to daylight for extended periods, and lose their color. Its is very hard to open them after a while, we needed pliers to do that. The nozzle inside deteriorates to the point where it falls apart after a year or so while dipped in fuel inside the can. The cans themselves offer no option for theft protection. They can even crack open in case of impact with the road; and spray you with gasoline. Something to be avoided at all costs. So we ventured to find a better solution for the long distance rider.

It took us some fiddling and quite a few failed attempts, but we finally constructed a perfect steel holding mechanism. It fits a standard 5 liter metal Jerry can to the millimeter exact between handlebar, crash bar and turn signal. We used the biggest crash bar on the market for testing. These cans are much more solid than their plastic cousins. Unless your bike gets run over by a truck they will not break.
We also think this solution looks much more professional.

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