SAS – Special Air Service

No, not the MI-6 / James Bond type … 🙂

Special customer “consolidated order” service to deliver Indian sourced goods by air parcel.

Many things are ridiculously cheap in India. Partly because they are “made in India” or Nepal, partly because the Indian importers do not add the same amount of “upcharge” their western colleagues add .

We have collected a few Indian sources that may be worth looking at. While most will not export out of the country some do, however often the pricing is extremely different, 200% higher and more. The website software “sees” where you are (unless you use an Indian proxy) and will often not show you the Indian prices. But even if you try to pay in Rupees they won’t ship outside India.

The solution is simple: Do a consolidated order. Find a few biker friends and put together orders that reach or surpass 400 Euro and we will order everything and ship it to ONE address. You will have to meet up and distribute the stuff yourselves (could be fun though).

We will add 35% to the price of the items ordered (not to the shipping) – that may look like a lot but once you see the ridiculously low prices you will realize that it barely covers the running-around to get the stuff to you. You also get a solid sheet metal trunk to ship it. Maximum weight per shipment is 30KG.

We have done this in the past for customers who bought our products but now we offer it to everyone. Check it out!

Approx. 87 Rupees are one Euro. You can download various apps that will give you the accurate exchange rate of the day, e.g. “currency plus” from the google play store.

Got to and search for “Royal Enfield Himalayan” or “bike accessories all” and be stumped about the prices

Grand Pitstop – Very interesting

The Royal Enfield Apparel Store will not sell outside India.

DRYSTACK SADDLEBAGS are cheap and very good quality

ViaTerra has some impressive stuff for the Himalayan, but a wide range of other items as well.

ZANA is always worth a look.

If you need Royal Enfield OEM spare parts please first download the parts catalogue for your bike here.
Then find the part number and enter it here.
This will give you the price in Rupees and Euros (our % already included).
To order you MUST send us the part number. Only then can we make sure you get the correct item. Remember that currently part orders can take up to 2 weeks from the factory if we do not have the item in stock locally (often we do).

How it works:

For orders: make a wish-list inside Amazon and send us the link to that list.

For shop orders (any shop): send us the link(s) to the item(s), one link per line.
If you want more than one of an item add the number behind the link e.g.: 2

For OEM part orders put the part-number, one per line, if you want more than one of an item add the number behind the part-number e.g. five piece of part no. 585754/A:
585754/A 5



Upon receipt of your order we will verify availability and approximate shipping date and total price in Euro. Only after you have received and reviewed our email and confirmed (or changed) it you will need to pay. We would prefer Transferwise because that gives us Rupees where we need them, but will also accept Paypal (plus 4% that Paypal charges us in India).

We do not accept PayPal payments with “Buyer Protection” anymore, only those sent to “friends & family” – why this new policy came about you can read here.