How We Make The Big Tanks

This is quite an involved procedure:
  1. We cut a brand new tank in 3 parts, left, right and the middle
  2. We make the fittings for the extension for 4cm (19l) or 5 cm (21l)
  3. We gas-weld the extensions carefully to keep the overall shape intact
  4. All paint is removed  from the outer surface
  5. Water-test: if it leaks it is re-welded
  6. Pressure test: the tank is hermetically sealed, through a tire-valve a pressure of 5psi is applied and after 5 minutes tested if the tank holds.
  7. If the tank loses pressure detergent-solution is used to find the fine nooks and crannies where pressure escapes, they are re-welded until the tank remains tight
  8. The tank is now ready for surface priming and inside application of a special fuel resistant synthetic polymer cover.
  9. After overnight hardening three layers of paint are applied – again overnight hardening is allowed
  10. Finally three layers of a special hard protection cover/layer are applied
  11. The tank is now ready to be shipped to you!

If you wish to keep your side frames we will also supply an extended lower frame-bracket made to fit the wider tank body.

Click to enlarge the pictures:

Here you can see a pressure testing, up to 7.5 psi holding:

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