How To Pay

Be advised that due to Covid19 intl. flights are very limited. They are the means of transportation for intl. parcels so delays are inevitable and can be quite extreme.

If you are visiting Rishikesh you can collect the item directly from us and receive a discount in the amount we save on shipping.

For Paypal use this email:
or just click on this PaypalMe link.

If you do not like Paypal you can use Transferwise to transfer funds directly into our German account. Please let us know if you have other preferences for payment using WhatsApp: +91 8218743420

After you have paid please fill out the order form so we can connect your order with your payment.

We usually ship within one or two workdays if the item is in stock. Many things are “made to order”, please refer to the item’s page to find out the specific processing time.

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