Front Brake Testing

What we are actually riding or having in the pipe for testing:

  • OEM disk and pads – weak braking and short life (if used in off-road conditions often under 1000km)
  • OEM disk with TRW MCB 648 SV – about 20% better but they eat the disk and don’t live longer than OEM – expensive
  • 300mm Brembo floating disk with OEM caliper and pads – about 20% better braking, need 12 hours brake-in before they reach good braking level, short life
  • 300mm Brembo floating disk with OEM caliper and Brembo pads – not tested (should be inferior to Carbone Lorraine as of our Italian partner who tested them)
  • 300mm Brembo floating disk with OEM caliper and 2352XBK5 Carbone Lorraine pads  – about 20% better braking, life span not measured, expensive
  • 320mm ByBre floating disk with ByBre caliper, both from the 650 and RE OEM pads fore that caliper – excellent results, dosage and emergency braking. long life span, expensive but top of the line

The OEM pads are cheap, around 15 U$ on ebay, but they do not last and with the OEM disk only give mediocre brake experience to say the least.
The other pads supply better braking but are double in price and it remains to be seen how long they last, some visibly eat the disk too.
The bigger ByBre caliper from the 650 uses bigger pads that are double in price compared to OEM REH pads but if the Brembo (which is identical except in name) is any measure they last MUCH longer, and the braking is vastly superior, in dosage and emergency braking. Anyone who drove the 650 can vouch for that, and that bike is much heavier than the REH.

To date it seems the optimal brake is the ABS compatible 320mm ByBre disk with the ByBre caliper from the 650 and OEM pads for those.

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