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  1. The nice guys from HT have asked me to give a feedback on their service which I happily do. I was one of the first takers of their Jerry can bracket. They put it on my bike as free service and when they changed the design a month later to accommodate the theft protection my older version did not have the required nooks and holes to attach it. The exchanged both brackets free of charge and again mounted everything for me. Can’t ask for more from anyone. 10 out of 10 if you ask me!!

  2. I used these Jerry cans for a 4000km ride thru some of on the remotest parts of Arunachal. They held up well and still good for more adventures. The cans are rates for 5 ltrs, but i could fill 7 ltrs. Even when fully loaded, the bike does not feel lethargic in handling on and off road. I have no vested interests in this. I am just a happy customer. #redpandaadventures

  3. I live in Houston, Texas and have done extensive touring up to the Rockies and such. These cans have helped me go long stretches without worrying about fuel. I have also used one bracket to fit a leather bag which worked just fine.
    Good idea to add a those brake pads, thanx for that.

  4. Happy Kiwi here, many thanks for shipping those Jerry can fixtures, love ’em. Had a bit of trouble sourcing the cans here but now resolved. Happy tracking in the hills!

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