Braking Bad – Adding Force To The Front

The OEM front brake of the Himalayan is somewhat weak. To improve it we have tried a number of things, some of which worked, but with negative repercussions, some worked flawless but are expensive and some may be worth the investment.

The obvious first choice was experimenting with different pads. We used sintered pads TRW MCB 648 SV which work better than RE OEM but not remarkably so. They also eat up the disk quite fast. So this was no solution for us although most of the online discussion focuses on this.
We also tested other pads, see an overview here.

Having owned and driven the 535 continental cafe racer we knew it’s front BREMBO brake to be impeccable. To make it fit to the Himalayan we also had to use the front fork of the 535 as the caliper will not fit to the original fork. On the Himalayan the 535 fork works better than the OEM fork but is expensive.  We kept it on our “testbed” but at the same time it is clear that this will only work for none-ABS bikes.

To be able to use ABS we modified the Interceptor 320mm 650 ByBre brake which is even better than the 300mm Brembo from the 535 cafe racer. For that the Himalayan rim has to be adapted with new spokes to the 650 hub to facilitate the 320mm floating disc:

You can now purchase the complete Front Brake Upgrade Kit for 689.- Euros plus 88.- Euro intl. shipping.
It consists of:

  • Royal Enfield 650 model front fork, adapted to fit the Himalayan (the original 650 fork is too long, so this is a synthesis of both forks, 650 and Himalayan)
  • ByBre Caliper from the 650 models
  • 1 set of OEM brake pads
  • Himalayan front wheel rim adapted to the 650 model hub complete with
  • 320mm ByBre floating disc from the 650 models

How to order and pay

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Read about our tests with various pads, discs and calipers here.

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