Braking Bad – Adding Force To The Front

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We will not offer this solution any more as getting the needed parts from RE has proven to be increasingly difficult.

The OEM front brake of the Himalayan is somewhat weak. To improve it we have tried a number of things, see an overview here.

The ultimate solution:

We modified the 320mm ByBre ABS brake from the 650cc Interceptor. The Himalayan rim has to be fitted with the 650 hub to facilitate the 320mm floating disc. This conversion was done on a model without ABS but of course the ABS ring is part of the package and the set is 100% ABS compatible.

  • Royal Enfield 650cc model front fork lower part (it will exchange for the OEM part on the Himalayan fork)
  • ByBre Caliper from the 650cc models
  • ByBre brake pads
  • Himalayan front wheel rim with 650cc  hub and
  • 320mm ByBre floating disc with ABS ring

Front Brake Upgrade Kit: 689.-€ plus 88.-€ intl. shipping. (100% ABS ready)