Bigger Fuel Tank

19 litre version:

21 litre version:

While this is a BS3 / carburetor version we of course also offer the BS4 / EFI version with the appropriate cutouts for the fuel pump.

You can order a tank with a bigger size of your choice by letting us make it wider. For each cm per side (2 cm total) you gain roughly two liters in capacity.

The 19 litre tank was widened by 2 cm and allowed a trip of  495.7 km, approx. 300 km of which where done on a highway with 100-110 km/h at notoriously high fuel consumption before refueling.

Picture taken before refueling

Left: 19 l - right 21 l
They do not even look wide!

If you want to keep the side frames:

Just add this part to your order and we will adopt it according to your tank size. This part defines the distance at the lower end of the side frames and connects them to the bike’s frame. Then all you need additionally is 2 spacers for the upper attachment at the lamp, available in any hardware store.

You can order your tank in any color including simple color schemes like in the above pictures, or primed only:

Production time will be 2 weeks, shipping to north America with DHL 3-5 days.

  • Price of the tank: 470.- US$
  • Shipping DHL express worldwide: 40.- US$
  • Optional: Top bracket lower attachment (part no. 866189)
    extended to your new tank size and re-painted: 35.- US$.
  • Optional: Black tank cap aka full key set
    (also includes ignition lock and seat lock and 2 keys): 40.- US$.
  • Optional: Lockable tank tap (only for carb model): 15.- US$

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